W. Balke


Clockmaker: Wenzel Balke
Date: ca 1840
Signature: WENZEL BALKE IN PRAG (dial)
Height: 206 cm
Duration: 190 days

Cherry wood veneered case with ripple molding and capitals, enamel dial with open middle section and enameled seconds ring, elaborately realized blued steel hands, engine turned bezel, inner ring and seconds ring, round skeleton movement (round plates), pedestal mounted movement, ebonized to highlight its various parts, the escape wheel is visible behind the seconds ring, delicate star shaped wheel crossings, Graham escapement with laterally and vertically adjustable lever, barrel mounted in sturdy cogs behind movement, maintaining power, weight runs behind pendulum, second pendulum with knife-edge suspension and heavy bob with regulating nut, the pendulum consists of three glass rods and is suspended at the upper pendulum segment, which forms a circle around the motion work between blind plate and front plate.

Compare: Clock by Frantisek Major in Jicinc, National Technical Museum in Praha, Inv.Nr. 45157.


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